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Withers & Mane and New Life Surfboards come together
About Us

Mike is passionate about surfing and making surfboards, I am passionate about horses, riding them and using them as co facilitators in my coaching programs – these two worlds collided on a trip we took to Rincon Puerto Rico, one of our favorite places.  We surfed, rode horses along the beach and then I had the pleasure to play in a field of horses with a great horsewoman from Rincon.  And from that trip we realized that what we love to do for fun and for our work can create a magical offering so we are combining our passions and will start with our first retreat in 2022.

About the Retreat

Sign up to hear more about our Reconnect in Rincon Puerto Rico 2022 surf and horse retreat.  More details will follow in January after we head there to pick up where we left off pre pandemic – we had to cancel the 2020 plans so we are putting it all together and bringing it to you for 2022!  This will be a magical weekend for those that want to surf or learn to surf and reconnect with the magic of coaching with horses.  Your weekend will include plenty of both and delicious cuisine by a local chef and other great ways to connect including just hanging out on one of the hammocks on the grounds or swimming in the pool as you overlook the mighty Atlantic Ocean from our place high up on the hill.

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