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Updated: Jan 23

Ok, the headline buries the lead a bit. I will get to all the exciting news of Withers & Mane but I do want to say this newsletter is coming on the verge of a new look for my business and a good amount of boldness, including a facelift to my website…I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO SEE IT! First, a story…it has a happy ending.

I spent much of this year reflecting on the direction I want my coach and consulting practice to go – there were times, truth be told, I thought about closing the doors. I believe this is a natural thought that all entrepreneurs face when reassessing things (read: doubting, questioning, fear). I let this sit and simmer with me for a bit…a long bit.

During this time, as a seasoned, high level Executive Assistant I considered re-entering the corporate world, getting back in the trenches. I enlisted with four recruiting firms, two touted on Executive Assistant platforms and through a highly respected fellow Executive Assistant and friend, I received two referrals.

Well I’m here to report, after a brief love fest with each, I’ve been ghosted by all of them. They all had the exact same modus operandi…. a very positive, friendly introductory call and promise of great things to come, a few initial interviews from one of the three firms which I delivered like a champ – no feedback, and soon silence. The other three went silent after the initial we love you call. Absolute silence. Not a peep. Ghosted!

So, instead of this deflating me and giving up on anything (don’t get me wrong, I was gutted at first, baffled, angry, all the feels), I was able to make the decision that I must not only stick with my wonderful coaching business but I need to use it as a vessel to make the lives of those out there searching for whatever they are searching for, be better. I had to go down that head hunting rabbit hole to get the data that told me that things are not so great out there and maybe I can be part of the solution. This experience will add substantially to my consulting practice. Please watch this space for a new component to my practice, Withers & Mane Career Consulting.

Coaching – My 1:1 Coaching is game changing for so many. I don’t necessarily have a niche client other than to describe my ideal client as anyone that is walking around seemingly fine but possibly feels a tug at their inner core that something is off or something needs a tweak or a push or discovery of what else is out there that they can’t see because they are stacked with obstacles. I am your compass. Each session is customized to the client’s needs. There is no coaching template, it all stems from an innate originality and style I bring to each session. This will be reflected in the new site with meaningful sessions designed for you.

Equus Coaching – All the above just add a horse on a ranch and boom…this has been a passionate favorite of mine and will remain for those that are looking for this unique experience.

Programs - I’m not a “workshop” type of coach but I do love the idea of community and gathering intimate groups to have robust, meaningful, yet unique programs that will not be a waste of anyone’s valuable time. (I have had many zoom hours and $ wasted so I have learned what NOT to do for sure). Stay tuned for some game changing gatherings.

Speaker for Executive Assistants – I will continue to do speaking engagements at corporate events for Executive Assistants – I know 2022 will bring some exciting content to the platforms I am invited to speak. Coming up: IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professional) Feb. 8th Virtual and {Pending} Behind Every Leader/EAO: New York – February (In person). You can view previous virtual presentations I did this year from ELS and BaseHQ by going to their website to find the recordings of their virtual events.

Hire me to Speak at your Administrative Forum events – this is a new component that has developed organically and will be a fun way to bring meaning to your internal EA forums by hiring me as a guest speaker to help create a community that you can all thrive in. Reach out to me for more information and my fee.

Writer – I am a passionate writer – I blog about many topics when I am moved to write because I see an injustice or justice in the workplace or a valuable life experience that is worth sharing. This will continue with more frequency with my signature passion to bring relevance and inspiration to my readers.

In Full Flight Book and Podcast – My book is still available on Amazon and I will continue to promote with special offers – my accompanying Podcast, In Full Flight has had a pin it during this time of reflection but that pin is coming out and my Podcast will continue beyond being a supplement to my sweet book. (You can listen to the first two episodes on Spotify or Podbean).

Lifestyle – I or shall I say “we” will be adding a lifestyle page. My husband and I are both entrepreneurs in our own right. Mike, along with his very busy full-time job as a VP at a printing company is a surfer and also builds surfboards. He is completely passionate about his craft and the joy of surfing. And I, for those that may not know, am a certified equus coach – this is an extension of my life coaching practice which includes coaching humans with horses. It’s a thing, I do it and it’s magical. And these two worlds of surfing and horses have collided in a beautiful way. Watch this space for more on that.

As soon as my new website is complete, I will share it with you. In the meantime, you can still book with me on the website or email me directly at The rebuild is happening in real time as we speak but will not result in any downtime, a seamless transition thanks to my new marketing team at The Helpful Rabbit! And quick spoiler alert, look for our dog Laird (named for the surfer, Laird Hamilton) to make an appearance on the new site.

See you soon!

xo Trish

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