Withers & Mane is a coach practice utilizing the proven coaching tools learned while attending the Martha Beck Institute and the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching.  Through my extensive training and my own life experience, professionally and personally, I have a treasure trove of coaching tools that can apply to anyone that is looking to enhance their life personally or professionally.  

I have worked in the corporate world for well over 25 years in various industries and have enjoyed a very successful career as a senior administrator to C Suite Executives to some of the top leaders in their industries.  While reading an article in the business section of the New York Times a few years back, I came across a story about Martha Beck, a Harvard graduate, author, mother and life coach. Martha Beck was facilitating these amazing coach sessions for individuals and groups that were at a place in their life that needed a reboot or new direction. I was very interested and went on to read everything I could about Martha Beck and her “life coaching” and it turned out she also had a certification program for this amazing practice of coaching…I signed up and through the Martha Beck community was introduced to the practice of coaching with horses, “this is a thing!” I said out loud and to add to my offerings, signed up and completed that course as well.   

Withers & Mane was born…I love coaching and I love horses so this practice is created around my passion, through the ground-breaking tools of these two practices, I have found my true North and now I would like to pass it on to you.  



You can read more about me and some of my journeys in the Feed Your Mighty Blog Series” and learn more about finding your true North through your own personal stories and start your trip to being Mighty in all you do.

Please be my guest and sign up for a complimentary intake session to discuss either of these coach disciplines and let’s see if we can get you pointing to your true North.  

Mightily yours,