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I coach anyone looking to take bold steps in any area of their life to find their true North…I have the compass
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Trish has worked in the corporate world for well over 25 years and enjoyed a very successful career as a senior administrator to C Suite Executives.   She has always had a natural gift for mentoring and coaching and has often been tapped to mentor and coach others throughout her career. Trish saw an opportunity to expound on this hidden talent when reading an article about a renowned certification program for coaching.  She enrolled and after a year of working full time and attending the coaching program, she viewed her career in a whole new light.  By looking within and taking down the barriers that were holding her back she was able to take her career to the next level.  She not only up leveled her career but her personal life as well by changing her perspective and asking the right questions internally.   


The time came to open her coach business but not before adding another certification in Equus coaching.  Her love for horses combined with coaching was a perfect fit for this coaching model.  


Withers & Mane was born (named for her two favorite parts of the horse, her happy place)


Her practice includes 1:1 coaching for anyone as well as a niche client, the Executive Assistant. Trish has also published a book on her amazing career as well as spoken at several Administrative Professional conferences.    


Trish lives near the jersey shore with her husband Mike.  In their spare time, they love going to the beach, Mike is an avid surfer.  You can find Trish riding at the local stable when she is not there to coach her equus clients with her favorite horses, Maggie, Bear or Spirit. 

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  Provide quality coaching learned through extensive training and years of experience.  I will maintain your privacy and confidentiality. You deserve this and I will provide this. 


My practice is all inclusive and never exclusive.  All are welcome! 


Life is joyful, the joy of living is my mantra. I bring this value to all my clients.  

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Trish Stadler
Laird Champ Stadler
My sweet boy went over the rainbow but always with me
September 2009 - September 2022  

The debut novel of Trish Stadler, In Full Flight reveals the triumphs and travails of a successful Executive Assistant and Life Coach. She hopes to show how EA life is not an easy career and may sometimes be misunderstood. Her book will provide a glimpse into a role that has become so significant to the leaders of industry, the emotional ties formed, and the breaking points that can be reached. 

Stadler aims to inspire those considering the role, and help future Executives appreciate the importance of a good assistant. In Full Flight reminds everyone to reach for the stars in all you do, bravely and without regret.

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