Trish is a seasoned administrative professional and certified coach experienced in multiple industries including 18 years in the television industry, as well as various technology firms.  Trish supported the titans of their industry for over 25 years and along the way has learned many valuable lessons. This coupled with her life coach education and certification puts her in an ideal position to provide extreme value to the EA and hence to the company in which she/he works.  Trish is passionate about improving the lives of the EA personally and professionally, she loves what she does and loves to pass on her experience as the role of the executive assistant evolves and becomes more significant to the leaders of today.

Do you have an EA community within your company?  Let me help you create one – learn more by requesting my Climate to Thrive starter deck -  to help get your company and colleagues on board with game changing components to improve the day to day work life of the EA by changing and supporting a few simple approaches to the role of the EA. 

Did you know that Personal Branding is super important for the EA of today?  I can help you create your brand – or you can take a look at these complimentary documents to help you create your brand.

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