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Spike The Ball

Oh I always wanted to say that after finding out I did not get the job. But we don’t do that, we accept the decision and we are told in the end, it was for the best, something better will come along. As trite as that can sound at the time, it is absolutely true. So, we don’t send the funny Pretty Women meme, we brush ourselves off and move on, and of course send a thank you note and wish them continued success in all they do. That’s what we do.

Or sometimes we write a blog about it.

Do high powered female Executives avoid hiring high powered female Executive Assistants?

Loaded question, I know. Stay with me.

I was really shocked after two extremely strong and rigorous interviews did not result in me getting the job, even though, Every. Single. Sign. Was. That. I. Would. Get. The. Job.

What was the common denominator is these two positions?

They were for ultra high-powered female executives.

The Executives were at the highest level of their organizations. One of the female executives title was Chairman (funny how it’s not considered chairwoman).

What was the other common denominator?

Both of these execs had a core team and of course I met with all of them first which is where the gel formed and the job seemed all but mine as the team knew their executive and they knew they were talking to someone who could do the job…like Jerry Rice… I’ve been there before.

Here’s the rub…

In both scenarios – the teams for both executives prepped me almost with fear in their eyes. As in, she likes this, she doesn’t like that, don’t say that and be that. Not adhering to their very concise tips they seemingly warned would result in near disaster and they were speaking from experience I surmised.

They wanted me for the job, they wanted their boss to pick me (bless their hearts). I can almost picture them huddling as I walked in (or as in one of the two cases, took the call (due to pandemic) and praying to the Interview God’s to keep me on script with the lady executive boss.

Once I began the interview, I was me, no pointers came to mind, I gave them me, all of me. So they both got the touchdown…and yes, sorry Jerry Rice, I spiked the ball…I knew it was a lock – in both scenarios.

It was not, in both scenarios…and I will never know why exactly as it was not communicated to me.

This much I know, I did not heed the structured pointers provided to me. I presented my authentic self and, in the end, I win as I don’t want to walk in a line for anyone – I’m too good at what I do…hire me for that, not because I will shape myself to be what makes you most comfortable.

I am all for coaching and prepping someone for an interview, but the nuances provided for the preparation with the female executives looked very different than any prep I ever got for a male executive interview.

I want to add that I know there are high powered female executives out there that would hire a rockstar EA in a nano second…so I salute you – for the others that may not consider that for whatever reason, stop doing that – big mistake, huge. A high-powered female Executive Assistant will change your world.

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