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All About Withers & Mane

We all have an inner compass that can get us to our destination, a place in life that serves us and allows us to live a life that truly reflects who we are.  There are many ways that our compass can get knocked off course.  At Withers & Mane, a Life Coach Practice, working with Trish Stadler, a professionally trained coach and corporate professional for over 25 years, you will be guided by her experience and proven coaching techniques to break down the obstacles that prevent you from achieving whatever it is you seek...and we all seek something, why shouldn't we get it?

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Some Mighty Offerings for you to consider…

Executive Coaching for the Executive Assistant of today! This is powerful...one session will have you looking at your role in a whole new light, game changing coaching!


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Trish has completed a course in equus coaching (Life Coaching with horses).  She attended the renowned Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching and is now taking clients for equus coaching.


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Trish & client at Tri Brook Farms in New Egypt, NJ with the magical horse wisdom provided by Bianka

Trish with a client in the Round Pen at
Fox Trotters Ranch in Arizona

Trish speaking on a panel at the
Executive Leadership Support Forum


How I Can Help You?

Each virtual session will utilize proven coaching tools. It is recommended to take part in this 30 minute courteous intake call prior to a life coaching session. This w...
30 Minute Intake Session
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