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Feed Your Mighty

Okay, I've got my skinny jeans on and knee high boots and I'm ready to blog - so, Feed Your Mighty - what does that mean? Well, I'll tell you...let's go back to the genesis of this self-coined phrase...a little over a year ago a friend of ours asked if we would like to take in their retired senior thoroughbred as we had just moved to a nice little ranch with a nice little barn that needed an occupant...a very organic transition from Sussex county to the jersey shore for a horse named Mighty.  And mighty he was...18 hand grey, magnificent horse in every way.

Okay, so here I am, the new mama - and well, that took some work, on MY part, not his.  He was fine...because that is what horses always are...fine and they will reflect what you are back to you - and I was not turns out.  "I'm not his real mama", "he doesn't like me", "I don't have a clue", "I'm afraid of him, he's so big", and so that is exactly what I got back from him, a reflection, mirror image of my made up thoughts in my head.  He would shake his head when I tried to pet him, he would move to the side when I tried to brush him...and what would I do, you guessed it, harrumph, and walk away.  Defeated.  Re-enforcing the negative thoughts I had made up in my head about what this horse feels about me...all lies.  

As a coach, I knew I had some things to work out - pronto...what's going on with me, where are these thoughts showing up in my life, outside of the barn...where am I showing this fear, where am I walking away if I don't get the exact response I want. Where am I rushing in with my bad self and hoping to be liked instead of letting things just be...oh well it turned out, it was showing up in many ways...and so the work on myself began.  The process to unraveling these limiting beliefs is a journey that will take you to a place where you no longer have the shackles that hold you back from whatever you want to pursue, whether it be to create your dream job or just being present with your new horse in harmony.  

I did achieve both of these - and that is what I call, Feed Your Mighty.  Feed the mighty thoughts you have not the negative made up thoughts.  Every day, feed your mighty!

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